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Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world and offers an excellent standard of living. Although the latter is based on hard work and a high level of education on the one hand, it is also attributable to a well-thought-out social benefit system for employees. This high living standard is guaranteed in case of illness or disability, as well as during retirement and old age.

Social security is covered by:

Health Insurance (HI/KV) and Income Compensation (IC/EO) allowance in the event of maternity

Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI/AHV) and Disability Insurance (DI/IV), consisting of the 3 pillars: AHV-IV/OASI-DI (1st pillar), Occupational Pension OP/BV (2nd pillar) and voluntary private pension plan (3rd pillar

Accident Insurance against occupational and non-occupational accidents (AI/UV)

Unemployment Insurance (UI/ALV)

Family allowances

PROS analyses your personal situation. We help you to determine your financial claims against the company you work for and organise the work permit for the job if required.

PROS concludes an employment contract with you, which is in compliance with the Swiss Employment Act (Arbeitsgesetz – ArG).

PROS invoices the company you work for and demands the benefits due to you.