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FREIHEIT eines Selbständigen,
SICHERHEIT eines Arbeitnehmers
Eine Marke der FAVORIS AG
INTEGRATION im schweizer Arbeitsmarkt
und im sozialen Umfeld
Eine Marke der FAVORIS AG
Aufbau und Pflege von Kontakten.
Eine Marke der FAVORIS AG
Schnell und einfach zum ARBEITSVERTRAG.
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Eine Marke der FAVORIS AG

For freelancers

Take advantage of the freedom and security of this employment and payroll solution. The service is ideal for freelancers, who neither operate as a company with limited liability, nor as a corporation limited by share ownership, nor as a sole proprietorship.


For companies

Would you like to hire external staff for your company? We employ your recruited staff and function as the statutory employer.


PROS is a brand of Favoris, which is a leading staffing services provider in Northwestern Switzerland. You are on the safe side with our professional or advanced payroll service.

For whom and why?

Freelancers do not exist as such in Switzerland. The only legal differentiation is between employment and self-employment. Employees work for an employer, who pays them a wage and takes care of social and employee insurance matters. Self-employed persons generally work for several customers, though not on an hourly basis. They work under their own name, for their own account and make their own social insurance payments. In the past, various companies had to pay social insurance contributions retrospectively, because the freelancers had neither paid their contributions for social insurance, nor for unemployment and accident insurance. To be safe, companies now tend to look for freelancers who can guarantee proper compliance with the terms of contract through a payroll company.

An employment contract in 3 simple steps



Company recruits employee/freelancer

A contract of employment is not concluded directly between the company and employee/freelancer, since the intention is to outsource the employer’s risk and expenditure.




Company orders PROS to conclude a contract with employee

Employment contract and order confirmation are sent to the company. The employee hiring process is complete.




PROS is statutory employer of employee/freelancer

Obligations and risks are assumed by PROS as the employer. This also includes payment of the employee’s wage.

At a glance

Als Unternehmen können Sie hier (Kostenberechnung)Ihre Gesamtkosten pro Mitarbeitenden kalkulieren. Als Freelancer können Sie schnell und einfach Ihren Nettolohn mit unserem Kostenberechnungstool (Lohnrechner) errechnen lassen.